Our Take on Internet Brand Management and Social Media

Whereas some people use the words “Social Media” as a blanket concept that should mean the same to everyone, we understand that a generic approach is no approach.


1. Optimize

When you contact us we will spend some time looking over your existing set up and help you optimize several elements of your online presence:

  • Presence on all relevant social media outlets
  • Coherent Brand display across your web presence
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analysis of the competitive landscape

2. Promote

With a complete framework in place we help you formalize a suitable marketing plan and execute it by promoting, and positioning your company online.

  • Marketing strategy planning
  • Generation and distribution of promotional rich media
  • Connecting with thoughts leaders in your industry
  • Management of online promotions
  • Management of paid online marketing

3. Analyze

In order to be successful in your social media marketing efforts it is fundamental to keep a close eye on the quality and quantity of your interactions with customers.

  • Monitoring your web properties for number of visitors, and quality of interactions
  • Analyzing your internet traffic in response to your promotions
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing efforts per social media outlet
  • Sending you monthly reports with complete breakdowns of what was done, and the response to it
  • Suggesting a more cost effective distribution of resources across outlets

4. Socialize

Social Media marketing today is about being passionate about what you do and sharing your experience, and thoughts with your followers. We can help you:

  • Keep track of all your ongoing conversations
  • Monitor discussions that are happening about you and your brand
  • Respond to basic inquiries from followers
  • Develop and distribute new content for your internet properties
  • Increase your subscriber base by widening your reach
  • Converting followers into leads